What is Ohio Resident Database ?

Ohio Resident Database is a free people search site for the Ohio residents.

It makes use of the public data provided by the Ohio Secretary of State.

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Heading off to the district representative's office or even the state office can be tedious and unimaginable on the off chance that you don't live in the state. Likewise, downloading substantial documents and looking for them can be troublesome with a moderate web association.

That is where Ohio Resident Database comes in. You can rapidly and effectively seek Ohio open records without any trouble. This is totally free and with no nosy advertisements backing things off.

Ohio resident search people database contains extended and valuable information

Ordinary open records contain simply essential information. We have some open records that use evaluation information to make expectations to extend the information. This information may not generally be right as it is just gauge by a PC. In any case, it is pleasant to have extra data that could be right some of the time.

Ohio Voters Demographics

By voter status

Dividing by voter status there are 7,191,191 (90.85%) Active and 724,315 (9.15%) voters.

By age

Analysing by age, we have found 245,958 (3.11%) 18-20 years, 1,341,155 (16.95%) 20-30 years, 1,309,210 (16.55%) 30-40 years, 1,216,609 (15.38%) 40-50 years, 1,347,761 (17.04%) 50-60 years and 2,449,719 (30.97%) over 60 voters.

By party

We have found 1,952,025 (55.12%) Republican Party, 1,581,603 (44.66%) Democrat Party, 4,749 (0.13%) Green Party, 3,055 (0.09%) Libertarian Party and 1 (0.00%) Constitution Party voters.